Monday, December 8, 2008

Building Forts

Remember when....we were little kids and we'd grab the biggest blanket we could find, throw it over the dining room table and anchor it down with the heaviest of our toys? That was so much fun. Being the perfectionist that I am, it always annoyed me that there was always light peeking through from somewhere, or the blankets would slide off when I crawled through. I would have loved to have a Card Table Fort! These things are sweet! I've only found two people that make them, one on Craigslist and then McLain Partners and they are both sweet-looking. I'd love to get one for Noah for his b-day (I've got 41/2 months to save up!)


lace said...

WE built a fort today out of our little card table with a blanket over it.

We used to use the couch cushions to build our forts.