Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Great Finds

There have been so many awesome giveaways lately in bloggy land! I've been browsing alot of store's sites to enter all of them and I've run across a couple really great finds that I just have to have. I'm sure you'll agree with me!

We'll start with the cheapest :) The KinderKord Wrist to Wrist Retractable Connection. OMG where have you been all my life?!?! My mom used to have something like this when we were little, except the bands were velcro; They worked so great and I've been looking for something like it ever since, and finally ran across the KinderKord! They are available at Mom4life (which has tons of other awesome finds as well!) for only $19.99, which is pretty reasonable. And that's coming from the cheapskate herself.

A couple months ago, my brother - the 21-year-old - decided to put my boys in my bedroom (the one with the kid-proof knob) to watch a movie on my portable dvd player. I'm sure you can imagine what happened....I came home from work to find my room covered in baby powder *sigh* and apparently enough managed to work it's way into the dvd player that it won't work. We've tried cleaning it and my brother tried every trick he knew and it's dead. I was pretty bummed and I'm sure you would agree that he owes me a new one (I doubt he'll agree LOL). If I do get another one I'll be buying the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough DVD Player - because it won't break! Plus it's portable, which would have come in handy for all these radiation appointments I've been taking the boys too. The Kid-Tough DVD Player is available at the Fisher-Price site for $150, but I'm sure I can find a deal on it if I go searching :)

And last, but not least, I ran across this awesome Fire Truck Bunk Bed while browsing Home Depot's site for a giveaway I was entering. It is waaaay pricey and I doubt I'll ever have enough money to get it, but I can dream! Noah would pee his diaper if I brought this home for him!