Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Have My Own "Judge" Show...

No cable means that during the day you get to watch soaps or judge shows. I watched judge shows. And then I had kids and now I watch Veggie Tales, it's a step up. Anyways, I always laughed and rolled my eyes at all the family drama. I thought it was ridiculous and who the hey would act that way in real life. I swore I would never be as dumb as all that.

Well, now I'm caught in the middle of that kind of family drama, and it was not my choosing. The Husband's sister is going completely off on me about various dumb things that are none of her business. I only responded to her initial comment to me and was very Christ-like in my response (I checked with a couple people to make sure LOL). But those who know me personally know that when someone thinks negative things about me as a person or my behavior/choices it really bothers me. It can make me crash emotionally. I want to be seen as an honest, upright, Jesus follower. And when someone even implies differently, well I want to stand up and defend myself (but I don't do confrontation, great right?)

Anyways, I can use all your prayers in a major way because the things that she is saying are really bothering me. Plus she is saying she'll be here over Christmas break (she lives out of state) and she's coming to see me, basically to talk sense into me. I just feel like I can't handle one more thing and I'm near tears as I type this.


Jessica D. said...

Take care of your Character and your reputation will follow.