Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday's Movie: John & Kate plus Ei8ht, Seasons 1-2

John & Kate plus Ei8ht, Seasons 1-2

About the Movie: When the Gosselins dreamed of having a family, nonstop chaos wasn t exactly what they envisioned. But the arrival of a set of twins and a set of sextuplets within five years has added up to Jon & Kate plus 8. And their dream family has turned into a mind-boggling juggling act. Seasons 1 and 2 take you into the lives of this unusual and amazing family as they experience the havoc, the challenges and the joys of raising multiples. Sometimes it s a comedy, sometimes it s a drama, but it s always an adventure!

From Me: I've always wanted a big family and I love watching the dynamics in large families. I don't have cable, but have caught snatches of the Duggers here and there (and love them btw). I'd heard a lot about John & Kate and decided to watch for myself. All I have to say is don't watch this at night. John and Kate have a very hectic lifestyle, Kate is constantly freaking out about the kids clothes or her house or at John and the whole show has this huge hectic air about it. I normally watch movies at night to kinda unwind after chasing the boys all day and Kate ended up keeping me up until early in the morning because I couldn't get settled down!

It's entertainment, for sure, but as far as their lifestyle goes...I wasn't very impressed with it. They are supposedly Christians, but that doesn't shine through much at all. Sooo if you feel like watching a busy show full of chaos and yelling and freaking out, this is the show for you!


Tanya said...

My in-laws (mother, sisters, aunts, cousins) all LOVE John & Kate + 8. They're constantly telling me that John is exactly like my husband, but I am NOTHING like Kate. :) Personally, I can only watch the show in short doses. It either terrifies me (which results in double-checking our birth control supply) or shames me (if they can survive with eight kids, what am I complaining about with just two?!).