Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Little Chefs

One of the gifts the boys received this Christmas was the Step 2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen. It was a huge hit! We opened this last because I suspected that it would trump everything else and it surely did - all other gift were left in the dust when we pulled the blanket off - well, except for The Pirates, who were fried.

I thought this was a pretty good kitchen for the price. The one burner makes boiling and frying sounds when you put the pot or frying pan on the burner (Which is Noah's favorite part). You can barely hear the phone noises when you push the buttons and the colors are nice and relaxing. It's pretty compact too, I won't have any problems fitting it into an apartment...if I ever move out of Mom's house LOL It was fairly easy to put together as well, although I made my brother do it!

Now I just need to get some food, good food. We've got some, but it's really little and cheap. I'm going to search on ebay and see if I can find some deals!


Tanya said...

My advice: don't get a lot of food. LOL! We got a kitchen for our kids a couple years ago. I can't remember what it's called, but it has an indoor side (kitchen side with fridge, oven and dishwasher, cabinets, etc.) and an outdoor side (grill and picnic table). It's compact and the kids love it! Perfect for my two to share. Anyway, we got a lot of food and the kids NEVER put it away. It's everywhere!!! We've tried baskets and trays and even grocery carts. We just can't corral all the little pieces. And the truth is: they don't play with it all. They just walk on it and trow it around the room. :)