Monday, January 19, 2009


I haven't watched any *new* movies lately and I didn't know what to blog about today so I decided to browse my computer's files and see if I could come up with something to talk about LOL Well, I found something. A great picture of my 14-year-old sister, Faith in a recent play at school.

For reference:

Even as a baby Faith shunned the dresses.

Faith loves to have fun.
She can hold her own with the boys (and the girls!)

Spirit week
No cute face paint & hair ties for her!
Noah actually thought she was my brother when he saw pictures of her! LOL

And this is every-day Faith.
As un-girly as they come. She despises pink LOL

As you can see, Faith enjoys jeans and T's and rough and tumble-type stuff. You won't catch her painting her nails (or even filing them for that matter!), trying on clothes or in the make-up aisle at the store. So you can imagine our shock when she tried out for the play Footloose and ended up being cast as the diner...owner. The play wasn't that great and I've never seen the movie so excuse my lack of knowledge. Anyways, for three nights running she had on a pink dress, makeup and curled hair! We were excited and everyone paid the ridiculous ticket price, just to see her! She played up her part pretty well and, in my humble opinion, was the only good part of the show ;)

I'm thinking about framing this picture and hanging it on my wall because I doubt I will see Faith being this girly again!

I know Lace and Grams just love this post LOL


lace said...

I did love this post!