Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to me. Yippe.

New Year's Eve was almost a total bomb. We had a church service that lasted 3 hours and I was stuck in the nursery with the boys the whole time and missed everything, which sucked. We didn't actually start the "party" until almost 9:40. The boys go to bed at 9 so you can imagine what I had on my hands. Jack was pretty wild and Noah was grumpy. So my grand idea of seeing people and playing games pretty much went out the door and I spent the remaining...3 hours? making sure the boys were in my sight and not killing each other. If it wasn't for Lace I probably would have given up and went home, but she was an adult and I don't see many of those so I stayed. Plus she was in the same situation with her nieces so we understood each other LOL

Then we get home and all.night.long Noah is grumpy. He slept in my bed, which drove me nuts because I really just wanted to, in Noah's words, "be lone" and I am kidding you not all I heard (once again, all.night.long) was "I want to sleep on the blue pillow" or "Jack's touching me" (yes, he joined us too *sigh*) or "where's my blankie?" And the greatest part of all was this morning and 7:30 when Noah barfed on himself, the bed and me. I can't figure out how Jack managed to get out scott-free seeing as how he was laying between us when this happened, but he did.

So, Noah is up with a fever. He's watching Larry-boy "hero" (that would be superhero to the uninitiated). Jack is playing with a toilet brush. And I'm wishing I could go back to bed, but all my bedding is in the wash + I still need to figure out how to clean my mattress - any ideas?

I'm thinking though that with 2009 starting off on such a low note, it can only go up from here, right?

Lace, send the girls home today and don't let them come back until you know they didn't catch what Noah has! LOL


Jessica D. said...

Yuck! Autumn had that on Saturday after Christmas. Everyone had let the condo on Saturday... Then it all happened. so far no one else has gotten it. It only lasted 24 hours. Go luck.