Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Well, we have a new president *big sigh*

While I am excited about an African-American being president (what a monumental moment in our history!), I am also saddened that it had to be this particular African-American. One who supports innocent babies being killed. One who is okay with 12-year-olds getting abortions without their parents knowledge. One who is fine with scientists playing God. One who thinks it's alright for homosexuals to legally marry. Basically Obama is against everything that God is and asks us to be. Where can our country go when the leader is walking the wide path? We can only pray. Thank God that prayer is the most powerful tool available to us as Christians.

I was really sad to see, the now former, President Bush leaving. He wasn't perfect, but he did the best that he could and he followed God's leading. I was proud to call him my president. I can't imagine how odd it's going to be for both him and his wife to be back in Texas leading a "normal" life again.

In other news...what the heck was up with the prayers?!?! Rick Warren did a rather meh job with his prayer...I mean, what is safer than the Lord's Prayer? I was a little bummed.

And the benediction was hilarious! That guy was not even praying! He had a written "prayer" and his eyes were open the whole time...and that whole yellow mellow, white right etc. thing - seriously. It was the most ridiculous "prayer" I've ever heard.

I was more impressed with the prayer over the meal than in either of the other ones. How disappointing.

So anyways, I guess we'll see what happens won't we? I'm just glad I've got God on my side through thick and thin. I'll be listening to Only The World alot for these next 4 years (or so).

(What are your thoughts?)


Natalie said...

i agree with much of what you are saying. my daughter wanted to write and mail Pres Bush a letter today. she wanted to thank him for being the president for her whole life!

I will pray for this President just as I have prayed for President Bush and President Clinton.

Mama's Ramblings said...

I love how you talked about this subject with grace and perseverance. I think that this is becoming a sensitive subject with too many people. Even though I did not vote for Obama, I am going to pray for him just like I did all of our other presidents. What is done, is done. All we can do is pray.