Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loopa Bowl

Loopa Bowl

What is is? The Loopa Gyro-Bowl is simply a bowl inside a bowl. The outer bowl is stationary and the inner bowl moves as your child tips and turns it to keep snacks in the bowl and off of your floor.

Positives: Both boys love to use the bowl, they love anything "different" and this definitely qualified. Jack uses the Loopa Bowl the most and it does keep the snacks in when he is wandering around. I don't normally let Jack wander with a bowl of dry cereal because he inevitably cocks it the wrong way and all the cereal ends up on the floor - not a problem when using the Loopa Bowl!

While it works wonderfully *when used the right way* there are alot of opportunities for mishaps with the Loopa Bowl as well...we tried them all for you! :) If the bowl is dropped (or a child trips and falls), snacks go flying. If they decide to turn the bowl upside down and shake it, snacks go everywhere. And, of course, if the kids are messing with the bowl and how it turns, snacks can get caught between the two sections and then the bowl doesn't work properly and, you guessed it, the snack goes all over.

I'm also not to psyched about the lid that comes with the bowl. While I'm pretty sure I have it on properly, I don't feel like it's secure. I'm very hesitant to travel with snacks in the bowl.

Final Word: The Loopa Bowl is fun to use and worth buying, but I would only suggest it for children who are not smart enough to figure out the multiple ways that they can sabotage it. For older children I would suggest the Munchie Mug.


Kristie said...

I just bought this bowl, but it hasn't came in the mail yet. I had seen it reviewed on Go Graham Go, but hadn't read the negatives. I guess it looks neat either way, though :-)

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

It looks super cool!