Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mama Loves: Reading

I love to read. I learned to read when I was four and I haven't stopped since! I love how books can take me far away from my life. I can be anybody, go anywhere, do anything! I love the feel of a book in my hands. The excitement of a new story just waiting for me to discover. The words play like a movie in my imagination. If I had the money, I would be Elinor from Inkheart, easily.

My dad was a huge reader and was always willing to aid my siblings and I in our quest for books. I can remember my dad, brother and I going to our small-town library and taking out 10 fiction books + 1 biography each (the rule, for every 10 "fun" books we had to read a biography). I always felt sorry for the librarians because they had to hand-stamp all of our books. They knew us by name though and still do! We are one of the few families who brings tote bags with us to carry all of our books home LOL

Even now, books call to me at all hours of the day. My poor boys. The only thing I can do is encourage reading and hope that they embrace it as tightly as I do. Because I have to read. Reading trumps food and internet (this would be why I don't post regularly LOL) and sometimes even the boys. They watch alot of Veggie Tales when I'm in the middle of a story. I have 2-3 books going at one time, and you'll almost always find a book on me somewhere.

Reading makes a bad day good. When I am grumpy, the best thing you can do is hand me a book and send me off on my own. Within a couple sentences I couldn't be mad if I tried.

Sometimes I get so lost in another world that I forget what I've done and what I've only read about. That gets fun. I'll start to tell someone about something I saw or did and then stop. "Oh wait, I didn't do that. That was what so-and-so did in the book!" D'oh!

So, what about you? Are you as addicted as I am? (probably not - haha) What is your favorite escape?