Monday, January 5, 2009

Perfect Match

Perfect Match

by Jodi Picoult

About the Book: What happens when you do all the right things for all the wrong reasons? As an assistant district attorney in York County, Maine, Nina Frost prosecutes the sort of crimes that tear families apart. She helps clients navigate their way through a nightmare – even though the legal system is not always the faultless compass they want and need it to be. She learns that the easiest way to cross this devastating minefield time and time again is to offer compassion, battle fiercely for justice, and keep her emotional distance.

But when Nina and her husband Caleb discover that their five-year-old son Nathaniel has been sexually abused, that distance is impossible to maintain. The world Nina inhabits now seems different from the one she lived in yesterday; the lines between family and professional life are erased; and answers to questions she thought she knew are no longer easy to find. Overcome by anger and desperate for vengeance, Nina ignites a battle that may cause her to lose the very thing she's fighting for.

From Me: There are few of Jodi's books that I pick up and do not enjoy. However, Perfect Match is one of the precious few that I flew through (in about a day to be exact). Right from the first page my attention was captured. And everyone knows that that is hard to do. Normally the first 2-3 chapters are full of stage-setting and you wade through them hoping that you can get to the good stuff soon. Not so with this one! This is a page-turner full of twists and turns that you never see coming until they are right in front of you - a must read!


Tanya said...

Have you read "Keeping Faith?" It's the only Piccoult book I've read and I hated it. The story held huge potential, but I felt the writing fell far short, enough to discourage me from grabbing any of her other titles. Maybe I should give her another shot?