Monday, January 12, 2009

Where's the Devil?

I cannot tell you how much I absolutely love Year Number 2 with Noah. I know it's supposed to be the terrible two's and for all rights and purposes, it is. Noah has more screaming fits and tantrums than I have ever experienced in my life! One instant he's right as rain and the next he's crying hysterically because someone looked at him wrong. It's a roller coaster ride, blindfolded! And I'm insane to not want this to end, but between all of the crying fits are some truly wonderful moments and I wouldn't wish those away for the world!

I love that Noah has learned how to string words together to form a sentence. I love watching him pause and look up while he tries to figure out what word should come next. I love how his sentences are a mass jumble of the right words in the wrong order. And I love how he mispronounces words and can't say certain letters. I could listen to him all day long just to hear his brain working and learning new things.

Yesterday was a great day. Despite the fact that, right before we went into a fast food joint for lunch, Noah fell into the grumpies *sigh* We live about an hour away from my grandparents and aunt and have a hard time making everyone's schedule jive so we can visit. So we set up a standing meet and eat every second Sunday of the month. Some months it's the only time we get to see each other so I try my hardest to have the boys in a good mood so that they will interact.

I'm not sure what I did to Noah, but he was.not.happy. yesterday. He wouldn't eat his burger + fries (which by the way, is his favorite food...right next to chocolate), he wouldn't eat ice cream, he wasn't interested in riding in Aunt G's "beep" (jeep). In short, everything that normally made him ecstatic, didn't work. If you even looked at him, he'd scream at you. Well, by halfway through the meal I had had enough (did I mention that he was glued to my arm?) and I decided that despite my trepidation over being "too-Christian" in public I was going to deal with this once and for all. So I leaned near to Noah's ear and quietly asked him where the devil was. "I no" was his response (I don't know). "Well," I said, "you need to get the devil under your feet" which almost caused a meltdown because I forgot that Noah has issues with the devil being under his's a little too close for comfort I guess. So instead we chucked the devil out into the snow (Noah's choice) and then Noah repeated a short prayer and listened to Jesus and he was fine! I've done this with him before and I am still amazed at the HUGE difference it makes! Immediately Noah perked up, started smiling & talking with everyone and ate his food!

The greatest thing was that my aunt, who is not saved, noticed the huge difference (everybody did) and I was given the opportunity to "witness" through my 2yo! I thought that was pretty cool!

And then later that night on the way home from our church's evening service Noah was yelling at me and I said "that's not nice" and from the backseat I hear: "Ah-ah devil! No, no, no! Get outta my head...outta my hat too!"

And that is why I love this age! Can it get any better? I don't think so!


Tanya said...

Great story. And praise God for the witnessing opportunities!! I've found 4 years old to be the toughest. I LOVE, LOVE my kids at ages 2-3. It's absolutely my favorite! So far. ;)