Friday, February 13, 2009

Being Me

I am a list-making fiend. I make lists for everything. To do lists, to see lists, to read lists (and at least a few "in-depth" lists for each of those lists *haha*)...I'm slightly addicted. I also write schedules out. All the time. You see, I really want to be one of those organized, together moms who gets up at the crack of dawn, gets ready, has her God Time and is ready for the little angels when they finally make an appearance. But, no matter how many schedules I make, I can never manage to stick with them. Not even for the first day. Sad, I know LOL Something always comes up, or goes down, that just completely screws up my sleeping schedule. And finally I realized that I'm just not a morning person and never will be.

So, this week I tried something different. I started allowing myself to sleep until 8, which is what I need seeing as how I'm up until 11 some nights working. The boys and I, we wake up together, and actually all of us have been alot more pleasant because of it. We have a slow, lazy morning full of a simple breakfast, Veggie Tales and the internet and then after lunch we get down to business. That's when I clean the house and organize and do all the other fun stuff associated with being a single momma. And it's working! I've actually placed my God Time in the evening before bed, and for a week straight I've stayed faithful (that has never happened!).

I realized, that instead of striving to be like everyone else, I need to be me. God created me to be different. I don't have to be up at the crack of dawn, I don't have to have all of my cleaning done before lunch and it's okay if I don't get quiet time with God until after the boys are tucked in at night. What's most important is that I do what needs to be done, I spend time with whoever needs me and Jesus shines though it all. And let me tell ya, when I was getting up at 6, I wasn't very shiny. Not at all!

So, if you're striving to be all that you *should* be. Remember that who you should be isn't a mold you can buy at your local grocery store, it's a purpose given to you by God and it might not look like everyone else's, but it will work for you!


Jessica D. said...

I'm not a morning person either, i've wanted to get up and pray and read my bible but i've found to that It's better for me at night. And lately i've been doing it when lillie takes her naps. So do whatever works for you, God knows your heart.

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

That is a great message and a much needed reminder. :)

Anonymous said...

Alexia, this is such a great post. It's true: one size doesn't fit all. God made us unique on purpose. Embrace it!

Pam said...

This is a useful post and you are right. We are all unique and different. I don't believe its when you get organized and on a schedule its how.
I prefer to do house work late at night because of my children's sudden interest in becoming nocturnal.

Tami said...

Good reminder! I am so bad at worrying about what I "should" be doing all the time. Thanks for this post.