Friday, February 20, 2009

Foogo Straw Bottle

Foogo Straw Bottle

What is it? The Foogo Straw Bottle is a 12-oz. BPA-free stainless steel thermos (with plastic lid + silicone straw) that keeps liquids cold for 12 hours. It has a convenient push-button lid and straw for drinking.

Positives: I really, really like these cups. I'm actually pretty put out at the moment because Jack has hidden one from me and I can't find it! I don't have issues with leaking, the only way the boys can "spill" it is if they drink + spit (which the do *sigh*) and it really does keep cold drinks, cold for a good long time. It's pretty much the only cup that I can hand to the boys and let them wander off it, without worrying about where the next puddle of juice will be found! While the button is not easy-peazy to pop open, any child will figure it out with just a couple tries.

Negatives: If you shake the cup (like to mix water + juice) while the lid is closed, you will get sprayed in the face the next time you open the cup LOL

Final Word: This is one of the few products that I can say is 100% worth the money you will spend on it! And really $15 isn't bad compared to other stainless steel water bottles out there. You will not regret purchasing a Foogo Straw Bottle!


Kristie said...

If we needed more cups, I would look into these. I love that they keep drinks cold for 12 hours! I actually just ordered new lids that are like coffee cup lids, but still sippy cups, for the kids' playtex insulated cups. I wanted them to have a little more 'grown-up' cup :-)