Monday, February 9, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday (b.1)

So I ran across this great weekly (whatever they're called LOL) at All That is Good called Friend Makin' Mondays and it looked like fun so I joined up! Every Monday is a different activity, this week you had to answer some questions, so here's mine!

1. My favorite book is: *haha* that won't happen anytime soon! I love books waaaay to much to actually have a favorite!

2. I drive a: red Mercury Mystique, it's a manual and I love it to pieces!

3. My favorite type of food to eat is: I happen to like food....alot. gyros and hamburgers (with everything on them) top the list though

4. My favorite dessert is: I have many. I tend to gravitate toward anything with chocolate in it. Although Strawberry Shortcake is a childhood favorite that I still love.

5. My favorite movie is:
Facing the Giants...or maybe Hitch...or maybe Yours, Mine and Ours (the old one).

6. When I go to Starbucks I get a: Beaners (for those that are new to my blog: I absolutely detest the name Biggby and refuse to use it) is my coffee shop of choice and someone else always gets it for me so I have no clue what I drink, but it tastes good! LOL

7. My favorite vegetable is: Potatoes, in any form.

8. My favorite thing to wear is: Jeans

9. My favorite color is: Chocolate & Green

10. I decorate my house in this style: A kind of modern/simplistic/bright colors style LOL

11. Right now I am reading: Let them Eat Fruitcake by Melody Carlson

12. If I could vacation anywhere I would go:
to a quiet hotel with free wireless internet, a dvd player and kitchen. Alone time is all I crave!

I know I only posted pictures of food, but really, I was too lazy to come up with creative pictures for the rest. Annnd, I just really like food alot. Which could explain why I can't manage to loose any weight!


Rhonda said...

Hi, I'm Rhonda part of the Friend Makin' Monday.

I am so with you on chocolate and strawberry could I forget that one!

Like you on books I couldn't pick a favorite movie. I love Facing the Giants!

Alone time, quiet time....I hear ya! Every mom needs that!

Nice to 'meet' you. Have a great Monday!

Leah said...

Hi, I'm Leah. Stopped over from Kasey's blog. Enjoyed reading your list! :)

jenjen said...

Hi - I'm stopping over from Kasey's. I enjoyed reading your list. I loved your idea for a vacation - sounds divine! Have a great day!


Sweet Nothings said...

Stopping over from Friend Makin Monday! I enjoyed reading your list! Those gyros look fantastic! I love them!

Nice to "meet" you! Have a wonderful evening!

Shawn said...

Just popped in from kasey's blog.

A little time alone? What's that? Ahh the life a mother right!

I'm confused...Beaners and Biggby?

Xazmin said...

Hi! Nice to get to know you a little. your answers made me smile. Have good night!

Kim Caldwell said...

Welcome, this is only my second time doing the Monday activities, but I have met and enjoyed talking with several bloggers! I also love strawberry shortcake and crave alone/girlfriend time!

Tanya said...

This is a fun idea. I'll have to check out that site.

How are you liking "Let Them Eat Fruitcake?" I know you like Melody Carlson. Is this one as good as the flip-flop book? I've not read anything by her ... yet. :)

jenjen said...

Thanks for the book recommendations! I will check those out.

Have a wonderful day!!!


Miller Racing Family said...

Super cute blog, thanks for letting me come over from Kasey's. I am so with you on the movies. I am hopeless when it comes to romantic comedies. I loved facing the Gaints and I am a bigger fan of Fireproof. Have a blessed day.