Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Ramble

Well hmmmm....I wanted to write a post for today, but my mind is amazingly blank. I cannot think of a single topic to write about. At least not anything that could actually be made into a post longer than two sentences LOL

I got my butt into gear today and made *my version* of fried rice for lunch - it was pretty yummy and I have enough leftovers for dinner - woo hoo! I learned that real rice makes a much better tasting fried rice than that 5-minute stuff. It also goes alot farther. Now there's a post. I'll take a pic and post about my favorite meal later.

Other than that, and rinsing off the mountain of dishes left in the sink (not from me *sigh*) I haven't done much today. I have a stack of movies to watch so I'm entertaining the notion of popping one in and getting some laundry folded. That's about 3 weeks over-due.

I'm also thinking that I really need to get some new family pics taken and of me and the boys. It's been quite awhile. That one in my sidebar is the most recent and, as you can see, we're laying in the grass...we haven't been able to even see the grass here for quite a few months! Yeah, it's time for a new one. You can see my new haircut! It's short, and cute and a whole ton easier to take care of!

Well, look at that. I've managed to post something of decent size at least. You may be bored with my ramblings, but...that's the name of my blog now isn't it? LOL

And I just heard this out of Noah's mouth "I wanna clean momma".

How can I refuse.