Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just a Small Rant

Okay, I just have to say...I hate all of the articles I read about stuff that you shouldn't eat or have in anything you own. It's driving me insane! I live on $120/week right now and I just cannot afford the expensive "good" stuff. I can barely afford the "bad" stuff and it just makes it worse when you hear all these awesome mommas (or "scientists" who make money by telling us what we shouldn't spend ours on) going on and on about organic this and no dye that and absolutely no HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in their home. Seriously that stuff is expensive! Anything that is in any way shape or form good for you has been marked up by like 30%! And people wonder why America is fat. Because all we can afford is the junk! I'm sick to death of feeling horrible everytime I feed my kids a slice of bologna. For Heavens sake, I feel bad when I give them canned fruit instead of fresh!

And I absolutely detest those mommas who like to inform me that they have a "tight" budget and they can afford to cut out this and that so "it can be done". Wow, thankssomuch. Unless you're going to buy the food for me MYOB (mind your own budget). It's like they think I haven't even tried to get the healthy stuff! Grrr

Maybe, if everyone is so interested in being healthy and eating the good stuff than they should make it affordable for the least of these - problem solved.

Rant over ;)

If you made it this far, you're a saint LOL

My favorite quote from Swing Vote (or at least how I remember it going LOL): "If America is the richest country in the world, than how come nobody can afford to live here?"


Kristie said...

I'd have to agree that organic is more expensive and I don't know that I've ever bought anything that is. I don't agree with the idea of it. If you've ever looked at a field that they are growing organic crops-they look terrible! You can barely tell there are crops in there because of the weeds! Organic farmers put all that time and money into their crops and they hardly get any yield compared to a normal farmer. That's why it costs us so much in the grocery store. Plus, if you want organic beef-that animal had to be fed organic grain. The steers can't even be given a growth implant, so they take longer to grow and therefore are being fed even more expensive grain. I've never looked at the price of organic beef, but I can imagine it's outrageous! (Can you tell I grew up in a farming community and went to an agricultural university for animal science? lol!)

I just try to stick to home cooked meals and away from a lot of foods with preservatives or that are highly processed. I'll admit that I'm not always the best at doing that, but it's what I try ;-)

I hope you don't mind me adding some rant to your rant-lol! :-)

Jessica D. said...

Sad but true. It really hurt paul and I's budget for the fast. It was soooo healtly. We felt good but our bill are more important. It sad that americans can't afford to eat better. I with you. I do think that organtic is a big hype and is a way for someone to make so fat money. Sure somethings you should buy organic, but most i think is a joke:)

Angela said...

Yeah, even if you buy organic meat and poultry, you have to think about the food they eat. Even if they are fed organic grain, what about the grass they eat? Was a chemical put on the grass to make it grow? Nothing is completely organic.