Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mama Loves: Little Kids Prayers

I love to hear little ones pray. My favorite is when they learn to pray on their own (no repeating). Noah has just started to do this and it is so cute! It's also a great reminder that the simplest prayers are sometimes the best. We're not required to use big words and long sentences. God just wants to hear our heart.

We were at the evening service on Sunday and Noah was sitting with me (no nursery at night). We were standing to end the service and we accidentally bumped heads. Normally when Noah gets hurt we pray a simple prayer asking Jesus to touch his owie and he's fine. So when we bumped heads he looked at me and asked "pray momma?" I shook my head yes and before I could lean in and whisper our little prayer, Noah closed his eyes and prayed "Jesus. Touch. Her. Head. Amen." Then he whispered "I sorry mama" and gave me a hug and kiss!

I was so pleased to see that he has been taking all of my lessons on praying, and apologizing to heart (even though it wasn't his fault)!

These are the moments that make all of the rough stuff worth it.


Jessica D. said...

so sweet!

Rhonda said...

Awww! I love to her little one's pray too. Especially your own!

Thanks for the birthday wish and stopping by! I could have had about 5 more pictures of the things they brought me wrapped in a blanket for my birthday...so excited!

Don't you just love kids!?

Kristie said...

That is too cute! My daughter hasn't actually started saying words yet when she prays. She just holds her hands together and whispers things we don't understand. :-)

I actually have an award for you over at my blog if you would like to accept it? :-)

tanyadennisbooks.com said...

Oh, I love this too!! My favorite part of your post, though, isn't Noah's prayer, but the truth you proclaim: "We're not required to use big words and long sentences. God just wants to hear our heart." It's so true!! When we lose our inhibitions and just pour out our hearts we truly commune with God. It's awesome. Maybe that's why we're told to have "child-like faith". :)