Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mama Loves: Mini Miracles

Mama loves mini miracles. A.K.A. God's provision.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have struggled financially since The Husband left me. I was a SAHM + pregnant with Jack when he left and it's been really hard to find a job that pays the bills. I don't do daycare, which makes it even harder. And I haven't seen a lick of child support either. It pretty much makes my life a little stressful. Especially when you only have (after paying the bills) $60 to get you through 2 weeks and $35 is already buying diapers and wipes! Thank God that I''m able to live rent-free with my Mom. She also is covering our meals so that only leaves our personal bills and needs for me to cover. I would be in hot water if I had to pay everything!

But, as stressful as all of that is, God provides the little things when I need them. My miracles are not big amazing things like getting a check from Publisher's Clearing House, but they are big to me. I like to title them my Mini Miracles.

A couple weeks ago I had an especially trying week financially. My boys had lost $30 for me, it was the first month I had to pay my cell phone bill without the spare job that usually paid it and both boys needed a box of diapers each. There was no way that $60 was going to cover all that! I was getting a little worried, which is my first response when I have problems (we're working on that).

But it was so awesome becuase that week The Husband gave me $120 (if you knew him, you'd know that was a miracle! I've never had him just hand money over before!) and a lady at church said that she had 2 BOXES of #6 diapers that someone had left in a rental and did I want them? Ummm yes! I haven't had to buy diapers for Noah for 2 paychecks now and, if he keeps up this potty thing I may never need to buy them again - Thank you Jesus! Anyways, God's mini miracles covered everything that pay period!

Another thing that was just really cool - This past Sunday was mission's Sunday and we were giving money towards an orphanage that the Church of God supports. Now, I had gotten a $1 off coupon for Beaners (ahem, Biggby for the record, but I HATE the name and refuse to use it) and had managed to scrape $5 together to treat myself. Instead I felt led to put that money in the offering plate for the orphanage. Of course there was a little sadness involved because I can never afford Beaner's, but still, when God speaks you do what he says LOL Later on that afternoon my mom poked her head in the nursery door and told me she was headed to Beaner's and she'd get me some, what did I want? Now I don't know if she would have still gone to Beaner's if I hadn't put that money in, but all I know is that's the neatest thing ever that everything worked out like it did!

So, that's what I love. God's mini miracles. They give me a little boost up in the middle of my stressful days!

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Tanya said...

This is great! PRAISE GOD! Miracles are never "mini". Each and everyone is something to celebrate. I grew up with a single mom, a dead-beat dad and 3 siblings, so I know (kind of) what you're going through. I pray those miracles just keep coming!

Oh, and thanks for participating in Mama Loves. :) Be sure to sign up with Mr. Linky on my site so others can hope over here and praise God with you over those free diapers and more!