Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where's the Ibuprofen???

Well, I'm a little bummed. I decided to "sleep in" today, which isn't really sleeping in seeing as how it's only an extra hour and the boys are bouncing on the bed (and me) the whole time, but it's close. And while it was nice, I got up with a huge eye ache. This has happened every.single.time. I sleep in. Grrrr. So, no more for me, I'll be getting up at my normal time everyday and taking naps later if I need them because I hate nursing an eye ache. It means torture when I read, blog and watch movies. 'cause you know I ain't giving any of that up for a big ol' eye ache!

PLUS there's no food in the house! (we're not discussing the huge freezer full of a cow + pig...I'm too lazy). The boys ate "peabuller and jelly samirges" and now I have to find something for me. Hmmmm....

And seriously, what is the deal with being on the table all the time? I can't keep Jack off it!(doesn't he look like a caveman crouched over his fire? LOL)
We used to keep a spray bottle of water around for our cats when they would get on the table...I wonder if that would work for Jack? LOL


Anonymous said...

So sorry, girl! I hate eye aches, too. Oh, and the table thing ... I can't help you. We told our kids they couldn't eat at the table if they didn't stop climbing on the table. So now I feed them on the living room floor! How's that for a solution? ;)

Kristie said...

I wondered how you got to 'sleep in' with 2 little ones-lol!
Sounds like it's been one of those days. I hope the rest of the day goes better for you! :-)

illahee said...

i can't keep my kids off the table...of course, it's a 'kotatsu' which is low to the floor. *sigh*

cute photo of your son crouching on the table, though. lol