Tuesday, March 3, 2009

25 Random Things That Make Me Feel Like a Bad Mom

I was over on New Christian Voices (which is a great site, check it out!) and was reading an article by Caron Guillo titled: Bad Mom: 25 Random Things. I don't know if she meant it to be a blog-to-blog meme or not, but I liked the idea so much I wanted to post my list here, for you all to read.

In Caron Guillo's own words, here are the "rules":
"The rules are simple. Make a list of 25 random things that make you worry you're a bad mom. They don't have to be reasonable. In fact, it's better if they're not."

MY 25 Random Things That Make Me Feel Like a Bad Mom:

1. Sometimes the boys eat more processed meat and sweet treats than anything else.
2. I don't fold laundry. I just dump clean clothes in a pile on the floor and dig through it every morning to find outfits.
3. I don't know how to play with my boys - I'd rather watch them interact than be in on the fun.
4. I don't like play-doh or sand & water tables.
5. I've forgotten to buckle Jack into his car seat and driven across town with him like that. Twice.
6. I let the boys brush their own teeth, and they normally miss alot of teeth.
7. I let my boys eat food off of the floor, sometimes even in public places (have you ever told a 2yo that they can't eat their cookie because they dropped it in the dirt?)
8. I only pray with Noah when he gets hurt because it calms him down faster so I can get back to whatever else I was doing.
9. I have absolutely no clue how to be consistent with discipline.
10. I'm glad my children aren't ugly.
11. I think it's cute when Noah sasses me.
12. We haven't been outside, not once, since the beginning of winter.
13. My boys only take two baths a week.
14. I always feel like I need to justify and/or explain why I do what I do with my children.
15. I don't have baby books for either of the boys. And I have no real desire to get on it either.
16. The boys still sleep with me at night.
17. I use movies as my baby-sitter.
18. I'm letting Jack munch on a birthday candle right now because it's easier than taking it away.
19. I feed the boys foods full of HFCS, dyes and preservatives.
20. If my boys yell at me, I'm very likely to yell right back.
21. I can't wait until the boys are old enough to have chores. I'll give them all the ones I hate to do.
22. I don't like singing action songs with the boys because I feel dumb.
23. I hate sharing.
24. I wish that they would snub their daddy when he finally gets around to seeing them.
25. I hate it when I have to stop what I'm doing 50 million times so I can listen to a toddlers comments or tattle-tale. It drives me insane.

Whew - I can't believe I even hit 25! With everyone today so busy judging what we do with our children, I think it's easy to feel like we can never do anything right. One comment I read lately (I can't remember where) gave me great comfort and it went something like this: "Don't worry so much about raising your kids perfectly, God was the perfect parent and look how His kids turned out!"

So, what about you? Wanna join me in my confession? I'd love to read your list! Just leave me a comment below and I'll go check out your list. I'm sure we'll find out that we have alot of "bad mom" worries that are the same!


Darcie - Such The Spot said...

That was awesome; I can see why you wanted to make a list of your own. It makes each of us feel better knowing that we're not alone in our "bad mommy" ways. Great idea. I am going to try to do this too, later this week.

PS. I hate sharing too. That's why I try to always save my dessert for *after* the kids go to bed!

Pam said...

I admire you! You are awesome in so many ways. I was just cursed out last week by an elderly lady in a restaurant because I was letting Remi eat the crayons that was provided to her for entertainment purposes. It was our only chance at a moments peace. They are nontoxic right? If they are nontoxic then its ok. I'm not a super parent. None of us are.

Kristie said...

It was good to read your 'bad mom' worries. I think we must share at least half of them! (I have several others, though!) You are definitely brave to share them. If I work up the courage, I may try making my own list. (The in-laws read my blog-ahhh! LOL!) :-)