Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Everybody loves the classis Disney movies, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Lion King, etc. etc. And I loved them too. We never watched (or bought) alot of movies so it was a huge treat when we got to watch a Disney Animation.

There are quite a few things that I've never liked about them though. The magic, the witchcraft, the heroines always being thin and sexy. It just bothers me.

What bothered me even more was when my sisters drew my attention to all of the subliminal sexual messages in alot of the Disney movies. I'm not going to link to any sites because it's fairly easy to find out what I'm talking about if you Google it. You Tube even has videos. There is alot of controversy surrounding these messages. Some explain them away, some say it's just imagination. But my sisters and I personally watched a few of the tapes we had and didn't have to look hard at all to notice these "messages".

Here are a few that I saw:

  • The priest in The Little Mermaid is...aroused. (and no, it most certainly is not his "knee"...unless he's severely deformed.)
  • The stars in Lion King spell "sex"
  • During Aladdin you can hear "take your clothes off". There is various opinions on whether they say teenagers or girls before that, I couldn't tell.
  • In The Hunchback of Notre Dame there is a naked girl dancing in the flames of the fire during the priest/father's(?) disturbingly sexual song.
And that's not all the ones I read about either. And I tend to believe that if one has them than they all probably do.

I've already been pruning the allowable movies to ones that I would feel comfortable watching if Jesus were sitting beside me, and alot of the Disney movies were already on the chopping block because of the magic and witchcraft. The rest of them made it there after this. I'm really disappointed that any kind of subliminal messages at all (and especially sexual ones) would be allowed into children's movies. But then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Disney hasn't exactly put God first have they?


Carebear said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot BELIEVE that! I did not know. Yuck and so annoying! My little guy is a HUGE fan of Lion King, Toy Story, CARS and Nemo. I will have to watch them very closely now. And I guess maybe no more Disney? On a similar note, we rented Shark Tale from the library this week (I let him pick out his own dvd there every week after storytime). It was sooooo inappropriate for small kids. They actually use the song "Baby Got Back" in it, which is just one very small issue in a sea of bad taste. Thanks for the head's up!

Kristie said...

I totally agree that what you are calling 'subliminal messages' are really disgusting. I'm just no sure that's what they were meant to be. This is just my personal opinion, but I really think it was some pervert doing the animation who thought he was being funny. Do you happen to know what Disney said about it?