Friday, March 27, 2009

"Go in outside?"

I finally managed to get my batteries charged and into the camera - hooray for me! My camera is now sporting a broken power button in addition to the broken battery door (all thanks to Noah) so it's looking like a trailer in the trashiest of trailer parks right now LOL One more thing breaks and I think I'll be able to justify buying a new one.

It was "warm" enough that I could take the boys outside without freezing my tail feathers off so I pulled out the camera and we went "in outside" yesterday. I wanted to capture them going outside so I ran out and shut the door on the boys so I had time to get in position (you should have seen the looks on their faces LOL). I doubt that these are the best of the best, but I really like these pictures!

I like the look on Jack's face, here. You can just about see his wheels spinning with a mixture of wonder that I actually let him go outside and then the choice of "where should I go first? What should I do?"
And the glee that Noah is feeling in that second picture just jumps right out at me. He was so happy to be outside. (previously to me dressing them to go out, Noah had unlocked the door and both boys had made a mad dash - barefoot - to the swings in the backyard LOL) I can't wait until it gets warm and stays warm. We're all sick of being in the house!