Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm a relaxed kind of person.

I fried myself up some potatoes, ham, onions and cheese for lunch and stole away to the computer desk to eat by myself. Of course, I only made it about 3 bites in before Noah's sensors went off and he came running. So he's sitting beside me eating my potatoes - and eating them and eating them - and I sighed and said "Noah I don't want you to eat my food." He looks at me and says, while signing the word share, "Share your food with me mama. Yeah share." The little bugger!


I was reading an article on Popular Baby Products about Dinner Co-ops. I would love to be able to this with some friends! maybe once we've moved a little closer, we can start one up! I hate cooking every.single.night. I am just not creative enough to come up with 3 different, healthy meals each and every day!


I went shopping this weekend, intending to buy some nice shirts to wear because all I own are cruddy T's that are, at least, 5 years old. Well....I ended up walking away from the shopping trip with 4 T's, 4 long-sleeved shirts (for layering under the T's) and 2 or 3 nicer shirts (one that I will only wear if I can get the girly puff out of the sleeve).

Mama Likes Jeans and T-shirts. *sigh* At least I have a nice shirt to wear if I go on a date (haha) and to my brother's wedding in May now.


It looks nice outside. Can you believe that I didn't even know how warm it was yesterday until the bus dropped all of the kids off after school?!?! The boys ran outside barefoot and I ran out after them and realized "hey! It's warm!" Darn it. I'm hoping to get them outside in the next hour to play - no messes to clean up out there!


Angela said...

No one told me Kayle was getting married! Do I know this lucky lady?

Kristie said...

A friend of mine did those dinner co-ops with her neighbors. She really liked it and I think it's a really neat idea!

I always wear jeans and t-shirts, too. Plus my hair is almost always in a pony tail if I go anywhere, so I don't have to do it! LOL! (I've always been that way-too late to change me now!)

We made it outside Sunday, but we had a lot bigger mess to clean up because of it then we usually do inside. The kids got covered in mud! It was well worth it, though. They had a great time and were more than ready to go to sleep that night ;-) I hope you make it out today-it's a nice one! :-)

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

My kids only want bites of the things I desperately don't want to share :) They are never going to beg for broccoli :)

Outside time! So much of it the past few days..that is exactly why my house is staying mainly clean and tidy :)