Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's Movie: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)

About the Movie: Paul Blart (James) is a hard worker, but has never landed his dream job of being New Jersey state trooper due to his excess weight. Determined to support his mother and his daughter, Blart takes the slightly less glamorous post as the security guard at his local shopping mall. He never complains, approaching the job with impressive diligence and pride, but doesn't get much respect for it. It's only when a group of misfits in Santa's Helper disguises take hold of the mall and several hostages that Blart's would-be cop smarts come in handy and he gets a chance to shine. With a deadly situation on hand, Blart may finally be able to show the world (and his romantic interest, who just happens to be one of the hostages) what he's made of. Though the villains have several advantages over him, Blart has a Segway scooter and a big heart on his side. While many of its jokes come at the expense of James's extra pounds, the film ultimately makes its star out to be a hero. With his everyman appeal, James is well-suited to play Blart, showing that even average Joes can make a difference with the right attitude.
-taken from Rotten Tomatoes

From me: This is by far the best comedy/action I have seen in a long time! Kevin James is superb in his role as Paul Blart and I love the hilarious ways that he gets himself into and out of trouble. While the ending is expected, how Kevin gets us to that ending is not! Definitely a family movie (no naughty scenes at all!) and one worth paying the theater to see!


Nicole Feliciano said...

glad to see there is family friendly fare out there. thanks for the review.

Kristie said...

Rich and I so wanted to see this when it came out! Something came up and we kinda forgot about it I guess.

I'm glad to hear that it is as good as it looks! I wasn't expecting that it would be so family friendly, though, so that's a plus! :-)