Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday: March 16th

Another week full of things I didn't do!

My siblings do not earn cash for doing things like changing my boys' diapers and giving them baths. I've never paid them to feed + clean up after the boys either - not me! I enjoy every second spent elbow-deep in clean-up and am way to cheap to pay someone else to do those tasks!

I did not allow my boys' Sunday lunch to consist of a couple bites of another child's lunch, one bite of taco and an Oreo. Oh no! That wouldn't have been well-balanced at all!

Last night, I wasn't so tired that I changed diapers on the floor in the kitchen and then left the dirty diapers on the table - nasty! I definitely would have disinfected the table if that would have happened!

I certainly did not give Noah such a dirty look for knocking the keyboard shelf off it's track, just now, that it caused him to scramble backwards off of the chair with a look of frantic panic on his face. I also did not laugh at said look, instead of feeling guilty that I could incite that kind of panic. I didn't give him a hug and tell him it was okay either.

So what haven't you done this week? Linky up at MckMama's blog!


Courtney said...

Its a good thing you did not do all these things :) of course the lunch seems normal, right? well at least that is normal here!!!

thanks for stopping by...

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

Good thing you didn't do any of that :) I wish I could say I have never given my kids a look that scared them - and then laughed at said look :)