Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday: March 9th

I thought posting my list of 25 Things That Make Me Feel Like a Bad Mom was great therapy, so I'm thinking I'll join in on Not Me! Monday and make myself feel better for all the things I don't do...ever. You can head over to MckMama's blog to read what she and others haven't done this week either!

During church service Sunday night I did not feed Noah, a chocolate chip granola bar, yogos, and suckers to keep him quiet.

I absolutely did not laugh when Noah fell backward off the footstool today, because he did not look funny, not at all!

And I didn't let Noah and Jack shove soggy cereal in the cracks of our picnic-style table either.

I also have not allowed them to watch movies all day long and I have not let Noah eat fruit snacks after throwing away his untouched lunch. Because we always eat healthy around here!

I'm not lazy at all! I'm always keeping up on the cleaning and watching the boys like a hawk to make sure that they don't destroy anything! Like those brand new crayons that I just bought Saturday, they are not laying all over the floor in pieces, and our leftovers from lunch are not sitting on the counter while I'm typing away on the computer.

Did I mention that I love it when the boys crawl all over me while I'm trying to type? Can't forget that!

I'll see ya next week!


Wayne said...

I know you shouldn't laugh when some one falls over but sometimes it can't be helped lol I hope noah is ok of course.

Great not me's

Kristie said...

I 'don't do' any of those things either-LOL! :-)