Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

I wonder if cops get a kick out of setting up a speed trap and then watching drivers cram on their brakes when they notice the police car hidden in the bushes. I would.


Shirts are not considered tagless if all you do is move the tag to the middle of the shirt. A tag rubbing up against the side of your body is even more annoying than a tag rubbing against your neck. Bad idea.


I love watching House. I love House. The man. He's a grumpy (kinda) old man, but he is so hot. I love that surly attitude. I basically watch the show to watch the man. *sigh*


Why is it that I can buy a set of adult, metal silverware for $1-$20 (and we're talking more than one place setting here), but I cannot find the same thing, for children? Sure, I can buy them one place setting at a time, for $20, that's alot! How annoying.

Looks like I spoke to soon, I just found one!


I just love this LOlcats picture - it's totally what I look like every morning when the boys wake me up! ...dang the picture gets cut off! The last half says: "but I won't shine".
funny pictures of cats with captions

Nothing makes me madder than a company who says that they do fund raisers for groups and then refuses a *church because they don't want to get involved in "political or religious issues".


That's why the world is the way it is. Everyone's more concerned about making a buck and keeping everyone happy than having morals.

Although it shouldn't surprise me. Biggby did change it's name because they were afraid they wouldn't sell coffee in the south with a name like Beaners. (Even though all SANE people know that they are referring to coffee beans, not Mexicans).

HUGE PROPS to Arby's and Applebees who are on board and helping us fundraise! They just guaranteed my business in the years to come.

(Can I just say that Arby's new Roast Burger looks yummy?)

*A Honduras trip, to feed the people who are poor & live in the city dump. Seriously.


Kristie said...

I have one of those shirts with the tag in the side. Not only is there a tag, but there is an extra 'metal' button on it that when it touches me it makes me jump because it's cold! I really need to take it out! LOL!

Courtney said...

okay I am totally with you on HOUSE! will not miss an episode!