Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Stinker and a Thinker

My Pastor's wife told me this week that I was in trouble with Noah because I had, "a stinker and a thinker!"

Unfortunately, she's right *sigh*

Noah has got a bigger mouth on him than I did at that age! And I have no clue what to do with him!

Like today, he was standing on a cloth laundry basket and I told him to get off or he'd break it. He ignored me (of course), so I went over and lightly swatted his butt* and he looks at me, screams, and says "We don't pank dumding!" (that would be "spank something" for those that can't speak toddler).

And then he was drinking out of my water bottle for an insanely long time so I finally told him "alright, all done" and he looks at me with this...look....I can't even describe it, but it's a very defiant, sneering look and says "finish!" He drank what he wanted to drink and then says "now all done!" and handed me the water bottle.

And now he's in the corner for smacking Jack in the face. I have a timer set, which he could care less about, and he's screaming at me and yelling "I tell you dorry!"


I laugh alot.

There's not much else I can do.

My mom keeps reminding me that what the parents do in moderation the children do in excess.

And then she smiles.

*I do not abuse my children. The spank was a light tap, on his diaper, and there is no way it hurt.


Jessica D. said...

then perhaps you spank needs to be little harder so it does hurt. Just a thought:)

MY lillie is a stinker and she sassed me for the first time yesterday. ugh

Kristie said...

Sounds just like Morgan, but I would swear Morgan is worse. (I think every parent probably thinks that of their own child, though.) Lately, after Morgan goes potty, she will play around in the bathroom and I have to remind her to get dressed. In the middle of searching through hair clips, she says "I'm doin' it Momma!" Apparently getting accessories together for your hair IS getting dressed-LOL! I'm hoping it is just a phase :-)