Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's there to do on Tuesdays?

Mondays are full to the brim with carnivals - so many that I can't even do all the ones I want to do. Wednesday has a fine scattering of carnivals and, if I wanted to get in on the action, Thursdays and Fridays as well. What is going on on Tuesdays? Nothing that I can find. Well besides....I think there's a cleaning one...but I don't wanna clean LOL I'm gonna hafta create my own. Hmmm...

So, our house is freezing cold right now because it's in the teens here and we ran out of fuel oil. Don't freak out! We have a pellet burner and it's chugging right along, but our house is so big that we really need a second one (especially when it gets this cold). I've been huddled over our mini heaters for a couple days now - yesterday I actually laid down in front of it and fell asleep. (I do not advise this as my face was red for the rest of the day LOL). Anyways, I normally have one at my feet when I'm on the computer, I didn't have it on yet this morning so Noah walks over, turns the heater toward me, turns it on and then says "You Baby Mama Waaaarm!" Awww thanks Noah <3

I don't know why he's decided to call me baby mama, but it's the cutest thing!

Well, it's been silent for a bit too long, I'm off to see what they've destroyed now!

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Kristie said...

Cascia over at Healthy Moms just started a Potty Time Tuesday if you are interested in that?

Here's the link:

Kristie said...

By the way, I'd send you some warmth if I could! Brrr!