Wednesday, March 25, 2009

YouTube Finds: Applecore

I mentioned earlier that Chip n' Dale was a show I approved of for the boys. Well, I wanted to share one of my favorite episodes with you! This is one that we watched when we were little - my aunt loved this episode so much that she tattooed an apple core on her thigh.

Noah now loves Chip n' Dale just as much as I do. He's a boy, so all of the "violence" between Donald Duck and Chip n' Dale is hilarious to him. He sits and chuckles through every episode. He also loves how Donald talks.

Jack also gets into the fun by "quaking" like Donald LOL

And Noah has now picked up on the apple core "joke" (although we tickle instead of chucking stuff) so he walks around all day doing this now:

"Apple cord"


"Who my friend?"