Monday, April 27, 2009


Warm weather!

I took this picture on my cell phone Friday (because I forgot, again, to charge the batteries to my camera ARG!) and I made it my background. I stared at it all day Saturday and Sunday when it was raining!
I love laying on a blanket outside and reading while the boys play. It's quiet. I don't have to worry about them getting into lotion or powder or the kitty litter. It's nice! Now if only I could bring my computer out too, I'd be good!


Kristie said...

Isn't it great! We've been loving the weather too!

I can't believe that your phone took nice pictures! LOL! Ours are always blurry from our phone-definitely not blog worthy! :-)

lace said...

Depending on which kid is with me, I usually can read a bit while they play outside. Just wish we didn't live on such a busy road sometimes.

grams said...

I agree with lace, I wish we didn't live on such a busy road. It didn't used to be. Oh, it's paid for.