Friday, April 24, 2009

The early bird gets the worm. Or, in my case, breakfast at Mcdonalds.

Going to bed at 12:30 am and waking up at 5:20am = 1 very tired mama.

I had to drop off my mom and Faith (sister #3) at the high school this morning because they are going to Chicago with Faith's band. So.tired. Then I got to take the other two school-aged siblings in to school at 7:45 because apparently riding the bus is to traumatic and I wasn't to let them suffer. I figured I deserved a McDonald's breakfast for that. (And it was goood!)

Of course, I bought the boys' breakfast too. Noah asked for pancakes - actually he asked for "burgerfries" but after I explained that they didn't have them, pancakes was next on the list.

Hash browns are so yummy! I could just eat hash browns (like 10 or 20) for breakfast and be happy!

Noah liked them. He thought they were chicken nuggets. I tried to convince him otherwise, but he wasn't listening. About halfway through his "chicken nugget" he looks at me and says "I tink chicken nuggets is perpados!"

After breakfast he decided he would clean up. He likes to throw things in the trash (this bodes well for later, he won't be a pack-rat!). He happened upon an envelope and ran it over to me and said "Here Mama, e-mail for you!"

I don't spend much time on the internet. Not at all.

Then he proceeded to douse himself with my little bro's Axe body spray. If I find myself wading through a mass of women to change his diaper, I'll know why.

By the way: Axe is not a pleasant odor and the more you use, the less you can breathe.


Kristie said...

That is seriously WAY too early to get up no matter what time you go to bed! LOL! Funny thing is, before having kids, I was a morning person. I loved getting up and getting things done first thing, so I could enjoy the rest of my day. Now I just want to sleep! LOL!