Friday, April 3, 2009

I don't waaaaant too *whine*

Oh My Gosh

The Y has scales in each locker room and so yesterday I stepped on one just for fun.

200 pounds

Granted, I was sweating like a pig; I had on tennies, jeans plus two shirts and I had devoured 2 slices of cheesecake before work, but still...

That was enough to make me decide to kick my Diet Coke (I'm crying, I really am) and chocolate habit, like, now.

I suck at exercise, so I won't be attempting that yet. I like to think that those 3 hours of frantically running around with a vacuum cleaner at the Y every day count for exercise.

Holy run on sentence. Sorry about that!

But, I have a few rules for food, which I've implemented today. And I've already been battling myself - especially with the Diet Coke. I HATE our water.

Here's the rules I've set for myself:

  • Diet Coke is only for Sundays and "special" occasions. Which I define as: pizza meals, taco meals, or going out to eat. Wish me luck, I've been averaging 2-24 ounces a day.
  • Chocolate & sweets are not necessary after every meal. They are not even necessary every day. I will try to convince myself of this by only allowing myself to eat them on Sundays, if we go out to eat or if something special is being served after our meals here at home (as in, I didn't buy it, cook it, bake it, suggest it etc. LOL)
  • I can only eat when my stomach is growling.
  • I should only need ONE normal-sized portion of the meal. If it's that good, than I can have leftovers for as many meals as I want, but not seconds.
*big sigh*

Food is definitely my go-to man when I'm bored, frustrated, or emotional so this is a tough one for me. But I'm also sick to death of being in a size that I hate. I want my size 12 jeans back!


Marybeth said...

Hooray for being that time of the year! Out with the winter blues, in with the "I put on how much weight during the holidays!" Blues. That time of the year where the sun is shining and instead of soaking in the rays it merely reminds us of how inadequate we look in a bathing suit. May I suggest Wii Fit or find a friend to work out with? I'm with ya!!! I love spring!!!

Chairman of the Michigan Children's Leaders Association said...

Good luck, You can do it. Just cutting down on pop should help a bunch.

Kristie said...

I hope your new rules are working out for you so far! I know how hard it is to cut back, especially in the pop department! You're way ahead of me if you've kept up with it for just a day! LOL!

Eightwomendream said...

I am new to your blog, but am wondering if you have had your thyroid checked. Thyroid problems tend to have sufferers looking to food to make serotonin and energy.

grams said...

Good luck Allie - We are in the same boat (lace). Maybe we should follow your rules. LOL Maybe when you get over this way, you can join us as we try to have fun while working out.