Monday, April 13, 2009

Nanny Makes Three

Nanny Makes Three

by Joan Kilby

About the Book: She'd been looking for "Something Big" to changer her life....

But playing nanny to Gregory Finch's daughter wasn't exactly the Something Big Melissa had anticipated. And she would've turned down his job offer if it hadn't been for the family of fugitives she found hiding out in an abandoned cottage on Gregory's farm. They needed to stay hidden, and she was the only one who could help. Playing nanny is the perfect cover for Melissa until she can be sure these three lost souls are safe.

Except Gregory can never find out what she's doing. And she can never let herself love a man she has to lie to. Besides, she can't find Something Big if she's busy taking care of Gregory and his sweet little girl... Can she?

From Me: If a book is about nannies or babies I generally have to read it once I catch sight of it. Which is how I happened to end up reading this book. Even though it's one of those gay little Harlequin romance novels, it wasn't too bad. Of course, everything typical happened all the way up to the ending (What? You're surprised?), but I still enjoyed the read. Annnd there was only one "sex" scene and it wasn't toooo explicit. Don't expect me to pick up another one anytime soon though. They just aren't as well-developed as I like.

This book is part of my 100+ reading challenge.