Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pass the Kleenex, please?

I never cry in front of people. When my dad died, I didn't shed a tear until I was alone. I'm always the strong one.

Until recently.

It started in church. I would be sitting in the sound booth clicking up the lyrics during worship and all of the sudden, I'd start to cry. I'm the only female in the sound booth. There are normally 3 men back there with me, joking around and having fun. *said in a sing-song voice* Awkwaaarrd.

At least there was a point to those tears - the songs have just touched me lately.

But I've noticed that I have been crying - alot - lately. I'm not sad or depressed. I'm actually very happy and content. The things I cry about are dumb. I was listening to Adventures in Odyssey the other day (a kids radio series) and started crying when a little girl sold her doll so that she could give the money to a family who needed it. I cried while listening to a song on the radio. I cried when I read the last half of MatchPoint. It's getting ridiculous. Thankfully, I haven't cried during Veggie Tales yet *whew*

I don't know what's wrong with me!

I'm not pregnant....I've cried at various points through the month so I know it's not Flo's fault...

It seems I've just morphed into this sappy person who can cry buckets over anything even vaguely representing a sentimental moment.

Which is very awkward in certain situations...

So, if you see me wiping a tear or sniffling, no worries, I will return to my normal self shortly.


Marybeth said...

I'm wondering if this is just an aging thing. I used to hold back tears on command. These days, (especially while watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy) they fall whenever they feel like it. Stupid being a woman!!

Kristie said...

You sound pretty normal to me! LOL! I've always been emotional, but it's been a lot worse since having kids! The tears come out nearly every week at church (it doesn't help that we have an emotional pastor-I almost always cry if I see a man cry.) I try to avoid shows that I know will make me cry, but I love Extreme Makeover Home Edition and then there was a really good Hallmark Special on Sunday night that I couldn't pass up-the tears just kept a flowin'! LOL!

Unfortunately, I don't think it goes away. We'll just have to make sure we carry some tissues with us wherever we go and get used to having red puffy eyes. LOL! :-)

OctoberRain said...

I cry at everything! Songs, movies, TV, sappy story posted on a forum or blog. If it involves kids I'm a goner LOL

Angela said...

If your body is making any kind of change, then your hormones could be fluctuating.