Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What just happened?

It's so sad that I'm only 24 years old and have the dumb when it comes to the give and take between a boy and girl.

I think I got hit on...flirted with....whatever you call

All I wanted was a Subway melt (toasted please) and a quiet corner to read my book. Instead I managed to mix up the question of what size cup I wanted with how much I had to pay to eat ("$24.48?!?! I only ordered one sub!").

Still not sure how I managed that one.

After I tried, three times, to tell the guy that I had ordered a $5 sub and I wasn't going to pay twenty-four bucks for it (not matter how good it was), my brain finally started working.

I apologized and, in my defense, mentioned that I was really out of it.

So he says, "that's okay. I'm out of it myself today."

"Yeah?" polite laughter from me. (give me my sub, I'm hungry)

"Yeah. I'm looking for a girl."


Me and my slow-working brain could only manage to smile and pay the (much more reasonable) total.

Then, while I was deeply immersed in The Help, he asked me how my sub was. "good thanks" was my response after a couple of awkward seconds while my brain processed that he had asked me a question.

I managed to finish eating and escape before I had to engage him in conversation again. And even now, I'm still trying to figure out if he was interested in me or was just the type of person who tells all of the customers that go through his line about his personal life....

There really needs to be a T-shirt that says: "Just tell me you're interested and ask for my number". It would make life so much easier.

And for the record...he wasn't my type ;)


Anonymous said...


grams said...

That's funny!

Kristie said...

I've always been quite naive when it comes to that stuff-I wouldn't have had a clue! LOL!

I love how you confused the size of cup with the total-I know I've done stuff like that before! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I've done the 24-48 thing too. LOL!