Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The You Don't Say? Award

J. Kaye's Book Blog awarded me the You Don't Say Award and I was so surprised! J. Kaye passed on this award to those of us who were the top commentors on her blog - I couldn't believe I had actually "talked" enough to win an award! LOL

Anyways, I'm honored (thank you J. Kaye!) and I would like to pass the award on to those people on my blog who make my day when they comment. I love to see the e-mails in my inbox saying I have a new comment and I love reading what ya'll have to say! Thank you for making my ramblings a little more meaningful :)

Kristie @ Kristie's Notes

Lace @ Keeping my Fingers Crossed

Jessica D. @ The Dietzel Family

Carebear @ Two Under Two. Whew!

Tanya @ In The Dailies

Jess @ Barney's Book Blog

And special mention goes to Grams, who doesn't have a blog :)

I consider all of you my friends (even if, some of you, I've never met!) Thanks for keeping this hermit out of her cave ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Happy to comment. :)

Jess said...

Congrats on your award and thanks for thinking of me!

Kristie said...

Aww-thanks! I always look forward to reading your blog...then commenting...then e-mailing back and reading your comments on my blog...and e-mailing back and forth again...LOL! It's been great getting to know you! :-)

grams said...

Thanks Allie, I almost thought you forgot me. LOL Congratulations!