Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fat Loser: Excercise

Hi *stands up* My name is Alexia and I am a procrastinator. I got on the elliptical one time this week. Count it, one. And only because I realized Monday that I had to post today.

Today I was sick, so today doesn't count :)

I am so great at getting right to that awesome Ted Dekker book that came in the mail, that funny blog I love to visit or that chocolate ice cream in the freezer, but terrible at getting to anything that I don't enjoy. Like that elliptical in the corner.

Surprisingly, the one day I did get on it, I didn't mind the exercising. I read Boneman's Daughters while the boys watched a Veggie Tales and actually felt really great after getting off. I only went 20 minutes, but plan on doing at least 30 in the long run. The only problem I had was that I exercised in long-sleeves and barefoot. I have permanent indents in my feet from the non-skid surface. (note to self: shoes are an awesome idea).

I was planning on using the elliptical again today, but woke up with an eye ache, a pounding headache and feeling like I was going to barf if I moved. The boys improved my morning by dumping an entire, brand new, bottle of liquid dish washing detergent all over our couch, chair, floor and coffee table *sigh* That stuff is not easy to clean up. Needless to say, I called in sick to work and slept all day long. I figured the elliptical was probably out today as well.

The great thing about life is that tomorrow is a brand new day and I can start all over again.

I'm actually (surprisingly) looking forward to hopping on the elliptical again, in shorts and a T this time. And I plan on getting on it every day after today too! It's a great excuse to read! ;)


Kristie said...

That's great that it worked out so well with the kids! I've tried working out with Morgan around and I almost kicked her in the head. (She doesn't stay in one spot very well-LOL!)

I hope you are feeling better! :-)