Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fat Loser: In Search of a Flat Tummy

The computer has been running soooooo slooooow lately. It takes me a good minute or so just to pull up one e-mail - it's ridiculous! So if you find that I don't post as much as I normally do, you'll know why. I hate sitting at this stupid desk for 2 hours just to check my mail.

Soooooo I've been looking at ab exercises in the hopes that I will be able to flatten my tummy. Or. at the very least, smooth it out a little. And I don't have patience for some hour-long weight-lifting routine either. If you haven't figured it out yet, I have absolutely zero patience for exercise. I hate it. I hate the time it takes and just the general unpleasantness of it. And it takes way to long to see results.

Anyways, I ran across an article with 10 Shortcuts to Strong Sexy Abs (which, of course, caught my attention) so I read through it and most of the options are doable and I like them so, I'm going to try it. The biggest plus for me is that they say to do Pilates instead of crunches. I suck at crunches. I can never do them right and I just end up making my back sore. Pilates, I love!

I have a DVD with Pilates workouts on them, but I really detest watching a video and trying to follow along with the instructors. I have a hard time keeping up with them so I looked up the Pilates excersices online and came across a workout - the Flat Abs Series. I have no clue how long it will take, but I'll let you know because I'm going to try and work it in this week. Hopefully the boys won't see it as the perfect opportunity to use me as a jungle gym!

One of the other shortcuts mentioned was Choose the cookie with sugar. Can I just say that I love whoever wrote this article?!?! I've never been a fan of any person who tells me that to lose weight I have to cut out all the yummy stuff in life. I pretty much turn into a Scrooge if I'm not allowed to have junk food. Moderation is the key - I have yet to learn it, but it's the key. Maybe we'll discuss that next week!

Oh, and the Spanx? I haven't worked up the courage to actually do more then try them on yet LOL


Kristie said...

Something that I used to do to help keep my tummy flat was to just suck it in! I would be walking to class and I would suck in and count to 30, let it out then do it again. I had read somewhere that it helps strengthen those muscles. I should probably start doing it again, but I think I have some fat to burn in that area too! :-)