Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Flicks: Totally Trucks

I know I'm hitting a higher count of posts today, but I wanted to share a couple DVD's that Noah just received for his birthday and that we've been watching non-stop for 3 days now.

Totally Trucks

About the DVD's: Toy trucks litter every little boy's room. If you want a child to pay attention and learn something, put it on a truck. Each Totally Trucks episode uses trucks to teach a skill - like spelling, counting and shape identification. But kids don't even know they're learning, they just know it's FUN. We give kids lots of what they love - TRUCKS in live-action! Big trucks, small trucks, trucks you've never seen before digging, scraping, grinding and dumping.

From me: Noah received Dirt Monsters, Garbage Monsters and Fire Monsters for his birthday and he loves all of them! He loves watching the big trucks moving around digging dirt, pushing trash and driving around. I like that they count and mention shapes and teach him a little bit about what certain trucks are for. I was particularly impressed with the Garbage Monster's because they show how trash is sorted and recycled. I didn't even know that! These are DVD's worth buying! (and I don't mind hearing the 50 million times a day, which says something LOL)


Kristie said...

Blake would LOVE these! He loves all his little cars/trucks and even likes looking out the window watching the traffic. (We don't have a lot, so he usually has to wait a while to see anything. LOL!)

Carebear said...

We've seen these at Target a couple of times and the little Beast always begs for them. He's earned a prize recently for filling a row with stickers on the potty chart, so maybe this will be his reward!