Monday, May 11, 2009

Going to the chapel...

This past week was super busy! My oldest brother, Kayle, got married which meant a week full of shopping - for clothes that weren't jeans, T's, stained or ripped - and a wedding present I could afford, The Love Dare. And it really did take a couple days for me to find something to wear! I hate dressing up. Believe it or not, I ended up in a pair of black jeans and flip-flops, but I looked pretty nice! The wedding was great! Kayle is a comedian at heart (and his wife - boy, that's weird to say - handles him veeery well) so the wedding was very relaxed and he had no qualms about making the ceremony funny. Unfortunately I was sick, so I missed the reception. (I know, I know! Two times in one week! This should fulfill my obligation for the rest of the year!) But I heard that it was a great reception and I was really bummed that I missed it :(

Noah was the ring bearer, and even though he refused to go down the aisle, he was adorable! Just look at him in his cute little tux! (The hands behind his back is all his idea too!)
Oh my! He looks so grown up too *cry*

I would totally have better pictures, except it seems that my rechargeable batteries have reached the end of their life. I charged them and they wouldn't keep their charge! They are over 4 years old though so I guess it's time for me to send them to their grave (just wish I would have realized it sooner!)

Of course, I cried through the whole wedding. No surprise there. I also cried at all the sappy poems while picking out Mother's Day cards this weekend. That was pretty sad LOL

So, the rest of my busy weekend involved getting all the papers signed for my divorce! Tuesday is the day! I'm heading into court to finalize the divorce and get on with me life - finally! I'm a little nervous about having to get on the witness stand and try to understand all of that legalize, but other than that? I cannot wait!


Kristie said...

Congratulations to Kayle and his wife! How exciting!

Noah is adorable in that tux! He looks like such a sophisticated little 3 year old! :-)

Angela said...

I wanna see pictures of the wedding! I didn't even know til, like, a month ago he was getting married. Happy Mother's day by the way!