Friday, May 15, 2009

Have you heard that we're moving?

I have never left my mother's house. Sad I know. I am 24 years old, have 2 kids and still live at home. Circumstances being what they are, I have never been able to afford my own place and I'm not one of those people who makes rash decisions and hope my paycheck can cover them later.

I've actually enjoyed being with my family for so long (I hope they can say the same about me LOL) and if I ever do leave, I think I'm going to miss them all desperately. I'm not sure how I would handle not being able to see my momma every single day. She's my best friend!

I am super uber excited though and let me tell you why: I am getting my own place!

Now granted, it is still technically owned by my mom and will still be on her property and, until I can rack up more hours at work, she will still allow me to live rent-free. But I will live there, alone. ( alone as you can be with two toddlers). I can decorate to my hearts content. Have my own cupboards, bathroom and messes. It's an exciting thought!

See, here's how it works. We're moving closer to our church family and the house we're moving into is smaller. We've been trying to figure out how to get everyone to fit (since my 18yo sister decided to not go to college 2 hours away after all...) and we've been tossing around the idea of adding rooms and where would we attach them to the rest of the house and oh, we can't put them on the drain field's been real complicated.


My mom came up with the genius idea of turning the garage (which we'd only pile with junk anyways) into an apartment. MY apartment.

Can I just say I love my Mom!

It's going to be small - I don't want to make it smaller by adding rooms - so we're going with a studio apartment with, hopefully, a loft/balcony above (so I can hide from the boys). (I'm kidding). (I think).

It's going to be beyootiful!

Now I just need to locate a daybed with a trundle underneath, an awesome Ikea Wall unit, that I can afford, and I'll be all set!

Ya'll come visit me now!


Marybeth said...

Congrats!!!! How exciting to finally have a place of your own. Moms and dads are great, but sometimes a bit of privacy is nice also :D

Jess said...

Congrats!! You must be on cloud nine. Good luck with the move!

lace said...

It will be great to have your own space. Can't wait till you move a bit closer. We'll have to have more movie nights.

Kristie said...

How fun! It must feel so good to know you'll have a place of your own that you can decorate how you want and to just get away! Come to think of it-that's what Rich uses our garage for-LOL! ;-)