Monday, May 11, 2009

Joey Totes

Joey Totes

I won a set of Joey Totes online and have had them for a couple weeks now and I have to say that I love them! I received one Big Joey and two Small Joeys and have been carrying them around with me all the time. I love that I have reusable bags that fit in my purse - unlike those bulky grocery store reusable bags - I always forget those at home! The only thing that I was a little bummed about, when I first saw them, was that that Joey Totes were not very colorful. I'm a pretty big fan of design and vibrant colors on my bags. But surprisingly, I have fallen in love with the subtle green color as well. It's just the perfect color to have on your bag full of groceries.

Positives: Joey Totes hold ALOT of weight. I was fairly impressed when I went into Walmart and only used 1 Big and 1 Small bag for all of the items that the cashiers would have fit into, at least, 4-5 plastic bags. (I did get a funky look and lots of muttering from the checkout guy when I told him I brought my own bags though, be prepared, not everyone thinks it's awesome LOL). I also think it's great that they have an attached carrying bag so you can fold them up and stuff them right back into your purse when you're done with them.

Negatives: I was impressed with how flat the Joey Totes were when folded into the carrying case (brand new), but unfortunately, I couldn't imitate that look. While, I did make them fairly flat, it took alot of time and is pretty inconvenient if you don't have a table and a minute or so to spend folding and stuffing. I just ended up stuffing the bag back in and then pressing it as flat as possible. It worked and they still fit in my bag - just not as neatly.

Final Word: I think the Joey Totes are definitly worth buying. I've loved having them with me for those quick stops at the grocery store (that I seem to be doing alot lately) and It really feels good to whip out my nice reusable bag instead of stocking up on plastic bags. Even though I received these for free, I did check out the prices online and to get a set like mine you would only be paying $20 and that's a really good deal! I'm already entertaining the notion of investing in another set for my big "meal shopping" days. And my mom wants some too!

If you want to receive 10% off of your Joey Totes order, let me know and I'll send you the coupon code they gave me, they wanted all my friends and family to get a deal!

Picture above is borrowed from the Joey Totes online site :)


Chris said...

Hi Alexia, thanks for the great review and we are so happy that you like your bags. We thought we would make a quick comment about what we have come to call, 'the folding factor'.
The bags are folded and packed flat to make it easier to ship, but we are going to send a card with new orders letting people know it's okay if you don't fold the bags and to just stuff them back into their pouch. It's part of the fun of owning Joey Totes ;-) Yes, they get wrinkled, but straighten out once you start carrying things in them. Also, many people don't realize that the pouches, especially the Big Bags pouch, can carry multiple bags. The entire Joey Set of the Big Bag and the 2 Small Bags fit in the one pouch even though they all have their own. This way you can carry however many bags you want!
Thanks again for taking the time to talk about our little product and we hope word spreads around. The 10% discount coupon code: JTs ROCK is good until the end of May so hurry!

Alexia said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I did notice that the little ones were packed inside the big ones, but didn't realize that I could repeat that little trick (especially since I couldn't get the fold right again) - thanks so much for letting me know - I'm going to go try it now!