Friday, May 29, 2009

Perfection: not just a 90's game.

I did something that I haven't done in awhile (sad to say), I sat down with the boys, in the middle of the destruction that is called our bedroom, and played a game. We had so much fun!

The game may surprise you though - it was Perfection. Yeah, you remember that old game we used to play as preteens? Well, mine is more than 10 years old and still in perfect working condition (and I had all the pieces, I was surprised). I ran across it while I was packing.Of course, the boys were "helping" me and Noah caught sight of Perfection and asked to play it. I figured he'd goof around with it and be done, I mean, I used to get annoyed with finding the shapes in 60 seconds - there's no way he would be able to. Silly me! I always forget there's more than one way to play a game.

Noah sat down and put all of those little pieces where they belonged! (with a little directional help from me on the funky shaped ones: "It's by the triangle"). I was more than a little amazed that he could focus long enough - it took him 5-10 minutes to get all the shapes in. Once they were all in, we turned the timer and Noah excitedly watched until the platform popped up. He jumped, we laughed, and he said "more?". So we did it again. And he was a little faster.

We only played twice, but Noah wanted to keep going. I bribed him with a trip to the gas station because I've been craving a Diet Coke (don't ask). we're on our way now, but I wanted to share!

Not only is Perfection great at teaching hand-eye coordination, but I can teach Noah his shapes too (right after I go look them up....). And it's fun! I do believe this would be considered...child-led learning or un-schooling. I like it!


lace said...

We played the cranium treasure hunt game on Sunday. He loved it.

Kristie said...

It seems like I may have played Perfection a LONG time ago. I can imagine that Morgan would have a blast with it! Especially seeing them all pop out like Noah did! :-)