Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Brother's Wedding

We finally got pictures from my brother's wedding. He is such a cut-up! I'm pretty bummed that I missed this:
All of the siblings. I'm the one in the back with the pasty white face (I was sick, remember?). I threw up right after this picture was taken (your welcome LOL). Thankfully I made it to the bathroom in time.
I still can't get over how cute Noah looks in a tux! As you can tell, he did not like getting his picture taken.
They are so perfect for each other!


Kristie said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and your brother and his wife make a really cute couple!

I can see why you were bummed to miss the reception-it looks like it was really fun! :-)

lace said...

It does look like a great wedding. Wish I hadn't of been out of town.

ck said...

Little boys in tuxes = cutest things ever.

Makes me wish I had one!

(A boy, not a tux. I could never pull off a tie and matching vest.)