Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EEK! a bug!

This huge, hairy-legged bug was on our cleaning cart last night. I was this <---> close to touching it - EEK!

We...I...spent 10 minutes chasing it around the cart with the end of our mop handle trying to squish it - that sucker was FAST! Of course, there was lots of screaming. Normally bugs don't bother me, but spiders and these ones, obviously, are on my list.

We finally had the bright idea to squirt it with disinfectant to kill it. Then we squished it.

What is this nasty thing?!?! I cockroach?!?!

All I know if that if one more shows up...I'm quitting.


Kristie said...

Yuck! Your reaction reminds me of mine after pulling a tick off the bottom of Rich's foot last week at 11:30 at night after he took his shower. It gave me the heebie jeebies and I couldn't get to sleep! LOL!

lace said...

Harry says its a roach!!

He's seen lots at the GM plant.

lace said...

Brian confirmed the roach.

He say's if it makes you feel better, down south they call them "palmetto bugs"

Angela said...

It looks like a roach. Yuck! I hate those. In Florida they have these Palmetto bugs that look like HUGE GIANT roaches. But they FLY!