Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello! (hello...hello...hello)

Can you hear the echo? The old house is pretty cleaned out. Our kitchen echoes now!

I'm still waiting for the drywall to go up in my apartment. I'm hoping it will be finished tomorrow, mudded/sanded on Monday, and painting on Tuesday - which means I could be moved in my next weekend. Pray! I'm ready to get out of the living room.

Plus, I'd really like to sit on a toilet without cleaning pee off of it first. My brother (who is the only other person using the bathroom) swears that it's not him! I think Not Me followed us over. I was really hoping to leave him behind.

I'm tired.

There is nowhere for me to escape the busyness that is our family.

I have no clean clothes.

Our washer and dryer are not hooked up yet.

We have no propane for our stove.

I really want to eat something besides lunch meat and McDonalds.

I'm super excited about being so close to so many fun (free) places though. I'm checking out the library this week to see what kid's programs they have available; We found out the Air Zoo is free for the summer and Touch-A-Truck (kinda like this one, but free...and smaller probably) is this month. The boys are going to have F-U-N!

Something about being in my own place (soon) is really kicking me into gear. I want to have a clean house, all the time. And I've really been hyped up about doing fun outings/home projects with the boys.

Oh and finally being able to have friends over for girls' nights without my entire family joining in or listening to our conversations - yay!


Jessica D. said...

HOw exciting, so about not having clean clothes. It could be worse.

You'll be able to keep your house clean :-) Other family members add to mess. With just you and the boys you'll do great.

lace said...

You'll have to tell me more about these free fun events. I have a library events calendar (I'll bring it tomorrow) basically it's every tuesday at the park (oak park) 11-12. Then starting in July (I think) every Thurs is a free movie at the theater. Some good ones too.

Can't wait for some girl nights. That is if I'm invited some times.

Felicia said...

So exciting!!!! Freedom of your own place is SO nice!

Kristie said...

I'm really excited for you! The waiting part doesn't sound like it's been too fun, though. Hang in there! :-)