Thursday, July 9, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Unread

"So here today I present to you an Unread Books Challenge. Give me the list or take a picture of all the books you have stacked on your bedside table, hidden under the bed or standing in your shelf – the books you have not read, but keep meaning to. The books that begin to weigh on your mind. The books that make you cover your ears in conversation and say, ‘No! Don’t give me another book to read! I can’t finish the ones I have!’ "

Here are the books that I have with me at the new house.See that Inkdeath book at the top there? Yeah, I'm over halfway through that one, it's taken me more than a few months to get through it.....I promise, I will return your book Lace!

I also have a book I'm supposed to be reviewing *ahem*

I actually have an entire crate full of books that I haven't read yet, but I left them at the old house, because there isn't room for all of them in the living room :) My boss also has a box of books from the local bookstore for me (the sample copies, can't remember what the heck they are called).

I'm bad about reading books I own, I prefer to save them for "emergencies" ... like if the world suddenly goes insane and the library is blown up or demolished or it's just too dangerous to venture out of the safety of my own home.....I may go hungry, but at least I'll have my books!

So, let's see your stack!


gautami tripathy said...

I have been saving certain books for the last 10+ years!


Here is my BTT post!

Jess said...

I know -- I have a stack about the same size at home that never gets touched! Too many library books, book club books, and review books to read!

lace said...

You are so funny. I'm only laughing because I do the exact same thing. Maybe I'll do a post and show you my stack of books to be read. Right now I have 2 library books I'm reading and 1 from Jess. My poor unread books sitting in the corner as I go off to the library to find something else to read.