Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fat Loser: Curbing those Cravings

I have run to food as the fix for so many different emotions and situations that I've pretty much programmed my body to constantly want to be chewing or swallowing.

Which gets me into trouble.

I've started to pay attention to those times and/or emotions during the day that cause me to eat and to try to find solutions that don't include inhaling a bag of chips or eating another candy bar. The major ones that I came up with were:

-My long drives to and from work
-Watching a movie
-Reading blogs online

I've been trying to find ways to circumvent the added calories (or lower them at the very least).

Besides eating healthier, so that the meals actually fill me up with less calories/fat (which I've been doing...okay...with) I've discovered that grazing is a far better option for me than three schedules meals a day. I do plan one meal, normally between 12 and 3, but the rest of the time I plan on eating a handful of nuts here or a yogurt there. It's been working alright. My stomach growls alot more often and, so long as I keep the portion sizes small, I can eat a variety of my favorite foods everyday without my stomach feeling like a garbage truck by bedtime.

I've also decided to just allow my Diet Coke to stay a habit for awhile. It's been hard enough to curb my food addictions, it's even worse when I add my caffeine addiction to the mix. Plus, a Diet Coke is "better" for me than most of the foods I inhale, and I find it gives me the same satisfaction. I've been trying to branch out into other, better drinks for me, but so far they are either too fruity/sweet or very boring (like water).

The final thing I've been doing is chewing gum! Extra has the best variety of flavors, it's the best for chewing for extended periods (it doesn't make my jaw sore) and one stick gives you enough to make you feel like you're actually chewing something. Plus, did I mention it's sugar free? I chew Extra all.the.time. I think I have five different packs in my purse right now LOL But it really has been the easiest, cheapest solution to keeping my food intake low. At, at only $1.00/pack at Walmart, I can afford this addiction!

So, are they any "foods" that have worked to keep you from binging? What about drinks? Any good ones that I might like?

*picture courtesy of toucandy


Angela said...

Popcorn is a healthy filler. It is extremely low in carbs, since most of it is air. And it makes you think you're getting alot. Drinking Ensure shakes, (powdered form is cheaper in the long run) makes you feel full for awhile, and it is tasty. I don't know about the sugar content, but I drank these during my morning sickness with Nathan. It was all I could keep down. Get some sugarfree hard candy to suck on. Gives you a break from chewing, but you still have something in your mouth. Half a cup of brown rice can give you fiber and make you feel satisfied for awhile.

Kristie said...

The gum is such a great idea! I've never been a gum chewer, but I bet it would help at those times I just feel like chewing on something. I'll have to try that!